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State of the Art Technology


3D Digital Impression System

As many patients have uncontrollable gag reflexes that inhibit optimal dental care, our digital impression scanner accurately depicts a virtual representation of your teeth which is then conveyed to our dental lab with no possibility of distortion to fabricate a precisely fitting restoration.

Intraoral Camera

Our intraoral camera helps to visualize cracks in teeth and diagnose pathology that may not be evident with x-rays or by the naked eye.
Treatment of the patient — Preventive Annapolis Towne Centre Dental Care in Annapolis, US
Treatment of the patient girl in the dental clinic — Preventive Annapolis Towne Centre Dental Care in Annapolis, US

Digital Radiography

Utilizing digital X-Rays we can accurately identify your dental problems in a clear precise manner with REDUCED RADIATION EXPOSURE. The electronic projections are instantaneously available chairside to view enabling us to rotate, magnify, adjust contrast, and color shade to optimally diagnose and determine the most ideal dental treatment. This allows us to keep you thoroughly informed of your treatment progress and options.

The WAND Computerized Anesthetic

The WAND is a computer controlled local anesthetic injection system that helps conquer fear, pain and anxiety. A microprocessor controls the flow rate and volume thru a small pen-like hand piece to ensure safe, virtually painless profound anesthesia. The general misconception is that painful injections are caused by needle insertion however the discomfort is actually attributed to a sudden flow rate of the anesthetic. The WAND exemplifies our utilization of the latest technology in effort to provide a most pleasant dental experience.
State of the Art Dental Technology at Annapolis Towne Centre